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Latest Recipes

Here is a list of the latest recipes.


Our signature product can be cooked and prepared in a variety of ways. Although, it is simply delicious boiled and dipped in hot butter, here are a few other delicious ways to make the most of your lobster meal.

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These aphrodisiacs are most often enjoyed raw with a little dash of lemon juice and hot sauce. However, with so many different types of oysters to try, the cooking possibilities are endless.

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Clams can be deliciously versatile, being served on their own sautéed, steamed, and grilled or being the perfect savory accent to your other favourite dishes. Here are some great recipe ideas!

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Mussels are a well known international delicacy that can be prepared in countless ways, including smoked, boiled, steamed or fried in batter Their sweet delicate flavour is a superb compliment to any seafood recipe.

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This popular shellfish is defined by its succulent and firm meat. These large bivalves can be served in many different delectable ways. They are perfect sautéed or even on a barbequed skewer.

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The light sweet taste of crab can be nicely complimented with cocktail sauce and lemon. Or if you are looking for something a little fancier, crab can be deliciously cooked in many different ways; here are a few recipe ideas.

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